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The Art of Data Protection to Avoid a Breach

Over the last few years, everyone working in IT has been involved in, or knows someone who has been hit with some form of malicious ransomware. 

Public cases this year include but are not limited...

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Evolving the remote collaboration experience - How TDL integrates Windows Virtual Desktop with Teams


As we enter into the new normal phase of this pandemic and customers get more sophisticated in enabling virtual modern workspaces, there has been a rise in windows virtual desktop...

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How we overcame COVID complexities to deliver a great customer outcome

A long-term customer of TDL had a project ready to test, pilot and deploy to hundreds of venues Australia wide. The project, which had taken 9 months through “Proof of Concept” and reach an agreed...

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Managing your remote environment with TDL’s four-point checklist

When TDL surveyed customers on their experiences since COVID, patterns began to emerge in their approach to transforming their systems and processes which led us to form the COVID rapid...

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