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How the cloud is transforming Australian organisations

Australian organisations are increasingly flocking to the cloud, enticed by its associated cost and performance benefits. What the cloud also offers businesses is the ability to subscribe to a...

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The 4-stage Approach to Adopting Cloud Solutions

Despite the general maturity, dependability and demonstrated utility of the cloud – the modern form of which has been around since about 2002, with the start of Amazon Web Services – some...

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Cloud solutions + your business = Savings

In a recent survey Logicalis conducted, we found that despite almost 90% of respondents highlighting the positive cost and strategic benefits of cloud adoption, over half of those surveyed (56%)...

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Data: The New Cash of the 21st Century

Technology historians, looking back at this second decade of the 21st century, may one day write that this was when currency started to shift from being dollars and cents, to bits and bytes.

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