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White Hat Hacking with TDL | The My Health Record Debate Continues!

My Health Record | Security Controls

There have been plenty of discussions around the My Health Record since the opt out period opened two months ago. There are a lot of concerns and uncertainty...

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Tags Security, HTTP, Google Chrome, 2-Factor-Authentication, 2FA, HTTPS Sites, Google Titan Security Key

White Hat Hacking with TDL | My Health Record and ATO Refund Scams

 My Health Record

The My Health Record started off with a flurry of colour and movement around the start of the 3 month ‘opt-out’ window for the federal governments’ MyHealth initiative. Whilst...

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Tags Security, Phishing, Hacking, Crypto

White Hat Hacking with TDL | Security Infiltration and macOS Malware

Were ANU targeted by CHN?

The ABC is reporting that the Australian National University (ANU) has been infiltrated by Chinese hackers. According to the report, ANU’s networks were first...

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Tags Security, Phishing, Hacking, Crypto

How did this week’s Ransomware outbreak affect us Globally?

Ransomware is just one incarnation of the threat landscape in which our businesses and public agencies operate today.

The recent outbreak illustrates some key facts and principles that assist...

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Tags CIO Leadership, IT infrastructure, Security, data security, Technical

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