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Managing Windows Virtual Desktop Images using Azure devOps

With many organisations looking to deliver a remote working solution at scale, the complexity in managing and setting up the environment can be a challenge. This blog looks at how managing Windows...

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Is your organisation ready for the hybrid workforce?

With employees reporting higher satisfaction levels and work-life balance, despite the challenges of 2020, it looks like remote work, in some form, is here to stay. A recent Gartner survey...

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How can business leaders fight transformation fatigue to deliver the new hybrid workspace employees want?


When the majority of Australia was forced to work from home in March this year, the world as we knew it changed. Roads became deserted and prime real estate in some of the world’s most...

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The future of the office: A hybrid workforce?

The ability to work remotely has been a necessity for a high number of businesses during the pandemic. In fact, recent research revealed that at the height of the lockdown, 46% of employees in the...

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