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Building the workplace of the future: A case study

A number of significant trends are converging to accelerate the development of the workplace of the future. Ross Miller, until recently the CIO of GPT Group, was kind enough to share his...

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Tags Innovation

How To Build The Legal Framework For Your BYOD Policy

BYOD (Bring Your Own Device) is happening at every company, either officially or unofficially. The onus is on companies to address the issue head on to mitigate the accompanying legal and...

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Tags Digital Transformation

Citrix BYOC - looking back after three years

Just recently, Citrix passed a significant milestone. It has been three years since the launch of their global BYOC (Bring Your Own Computer) programme. It was particularly significant as this...

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Tags Digital Transformation

The CIO role is changing - are you a Business Enabler?

According to Claudio Castelli, a Senior Analyst at Ovum Research, the role of the CIO is changing and becoming increasingly that of a business enabler with a remit of solving business problems...
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